Friday, September 6, 2013

School Survival Kit!

Hey everyone. I think we all know that it's back to school time :( I know some of you already started school, but if you live in the NY area like myself we still have a couple more days. Til then I decided to write a Survival Kit. This kit is just a few items I think would come in handy this school year. With the list of these items you can get a makeup bag and store the kit in your locker so you know its always there when you need it. 

Let's Begin

It's always good to carry Kleenex Tissues because of allergy season and whenever we get the flu. Plus the brown tissues are very rough and dry; and it just hurts rubbing your nose.

Baby Wipes is also a good item because after sweating in P.E. the baby wipes can help freshen you up. It also can be used to on your hands if you have any little stain.

Baby Powder can be used after P.E. as well. Always can be used in your hair when you have those oil hair days. Just sprinkle a little in your hand and spread it all throughout your hair.

Deodorant is a must to carry around. Of course after P.E. & for those days you forgot to put it on in the morning. I don't think we want to smell like some of those kids that don't put on deodorant.
Lip Balm is another good thing to have. Always good to moisturize and keep your lips kissable. 

I think every girls knows this but always keep a travel size Body Lotion. This will ensure that your never ashy & your always smelling good. Plus I like to use lotion after washing my hands so my hands wont get dry. 

While in school we touch a lot of things with germs and all that bad stuff, so having Hand Sanitizer is a must.

I hope this survival kit was helpful in having a fun and awesome school year. Remember school is as fun as you make it, so have a good year and til next time.