Wednesday, July 17, 2013

e.l.f Brushes

HELLO!!! In a very happy mood cause today is makeup review; well makeup brushes I should say. If you haven't read my About Me post, my very first post then you should go do that. I basically introduce myself and I also state that I'm a makeup beginner in that post. Since I am a beginner, I get very excited when talking about makeup. My mom thinks I'm obsessed cause that's all I spend my money on. What can I say makeup is a very exciting journey to take; but lets get these reviews going.


The first brush I'm reviewing is e.l.f's powder brush. I absolutely love this brush. It's so soft, feels so good on the skin, and the style of the brush is so cute. This is my favorite e.l.f brush. It doesn't hold a lot of left over product in the bristles. I find that it's very easy to clean and doesn't feel dry after being cleaned like other brushes. Whenever I use loose powder with this brush, it gives me a very flawless look. I see many videos on YouTube where people would use this powder brush for foundation and state it gives a full coverage and nice finish. Personally I don't like full coverage makeup for me; I find it to look too much on my face, so I just stick to powder with this brush. Another thing I love about this brush and all of e.l.f brushes is, they come in there own little package which I find to be very helpful. 


I think we all know this brush; the famous foundation brush. The O.G of all the foundation brushes. Well e.l.f isn't the creator of the foundation brush but the style is definitely the original. I know many people like a flat top brush to use for there foundation, which I get cause this particular style, the brush does leave streaks. Overall this is a nice brush; soft, easy to clean, and doesn't irritate my skin. Another thing is this brush blends out concealer very well. I use to use my fingers but after using this brush it changed my routine, thankfully.    


I don't have much to say about this brush other than I like it. Like the other brushes; soft and easy to clean. I use this as a foundation brush when I'm using a higher coverage foundation, so it wont look so thick. 

I like all these brushes and will repurchased. E.l.f is very inexpensive, I paid a $1 for the foundation brush and $3 for the powder and stipple brush. I got them at Target and I know they have other products there. 

Have a wonderful day & see you next time