Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wet n Wild

Hey everyone. I hope you all are having a good day so far. Today is another makeup review and it's on Wet n Wild products. I have a few things I want to say about their products. Lets jump into the review.

Liquid Eyeliner 
First thing I'm going to talk about is the Mega Liner. Don't let the name "mega" fool you, it's really not so thick. This eyeliner is a brush tip; it dries quickly, come in waterproof, and glitter. I must say that I do love this eyeliner. It goes over my eyes so easily and I have a lot of control with the brush tip. The only downside to this is, the eyeliner is quite small so you do go through it quickly if you wear eyeliner on a daily basis. This is my favorite Wet n Wild product, I am on my 3rd one right now. This eyeliner is also very inexpensive.

This next one is there Bronzer. There isn't much I can really say about this product, because since I am a beginner I'm not to sure how the color should look on my face. Besides all that I do notice that my check bone area does look shimmery, (which I don't mind) so I guess I'm doing it right. I don't think I like this bronzer as much. I do think I will try out other products, but I will say this; this bronzer will last you a very long time and very inexpensive, I paid $4.

Lip time! I should say this now that I am a red lip person. I love red lipstick for me. I find anything else looks weird on me, so getting the pink was a little hard. Cherry Picking - left; Spotlight Red - middle; Don't Blink Pink - right. The cherry picking and don't blink pink are matte lipsticks but the color payoff is wonderful. I would suggest putting a lip balm on your lips 15 mins before applying the lipstick, because they are very drying. As for spotlight red that lipstick is more moisturizing. I don't like the formula in this lipstick like the other two.  I wouldn't suggest getting spotlight either. These lipsticks were very cheap so I do tlike the fact that it held up pretty well.

As you can see I did swatch it on my hand, so now you can get a better idea or what the color looks like. Cherry Picking is on the left; Don't Blink Pink is in the middle; and Spotlight Red on the right. Cherry picking doesn't look as red but believe me, on the lips it's a bright red. The pink looks like a barbie pink but it's not. Wet n Wild do have a barbie pink lipstick that I believe is called "Dollhouse Pink"

I got all of these products at Rite Aid. Like I said they were very inexpensive. Each one of these items cost less than $5. I will link the Wet n Wild website http://wnwbeauty.com/

I hope you enjoyed the review & found it helpful. Please follow; leave comments and feedback. Will be back day after tomorrow.