Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer is here! "I <3 Summer" TagWhy not talk about all the things we love about this season. I have tons of things to say but I know we don't have all day for that. Before I get started I want to thank the very sweet +Mercedes Laspina for tagging me. If you haven't checked out her blog you should really go do that after your finish reading this one. So lets get this tag started

Favorite Summer Nail Polish
My favorite color is pink so I wear that year-round, but in the summer I love to wear a lot of  orange as well. The brand doesn't really matter to me as long as I get that pink/orange mash up. The brightness of those 2 colors makes me feel so warm inside every time I see it on my nails. 

Favorite Summer Lip Product 
Year round I like to use lip balms; anything I know that wouldn't dry out my lips but in the summer I'm extra cautious. During the summer I like to use anything moisturizing but lately I been loving Nivea Lip Butter. I find that it really moisturizes and keeps my lips feeling really healthy.

Pool or Beach
I've always preferred the pool over the beach. I think the pool is more cleaner and much easier to deal with. I don't have to worry about sand getting every where in my bathing suit (if you know what I mean) I also don't step on rocks or sea shells that can cut my feet. The pool is awesome.

Favorite Summer Hair Style
My favorite summer hair style is box braid. It's very easy to handle. I don't have to worry about it sticking on my skin when it's really humid. I just think it's the perfect summer hairstyle.

Favorite Summer Scent 
I do wear this throughout the year but this is my everyday scent during the summer. Paris Amour by Bath & Body Works. If you every smells this fragrance just know that's me ;) It has a strong/sweet scent that lingers. I love a perfume that lingers.

Favorite Summer Fruit
During the summer I love to eat Pineapples, Mango's, Kiwi, and really sweet Strawberries. I love to eat those the most because I find them to be sweetest. Sweet fruits in the summer is a thumps up for me.

I really enjoyed doing this tag; I felt like you guys got to know me even more. I tag any awesome person who is reading this; especially +Elmo Banks can't wait to read what you love about summer.

Have a great day & will talk next time